Kitchen Floor Renovation Step 5: Grout

I couldn't have done this without Todd's help. Thanks Todd!

With the tile all laid the next step it the grout.  I used a hard epoxy grout float, some large sponges, and TONS of clean water.  I also used a special grout made specifically for this type of tile.  It is more flexible than traditional grout so it can better handle the stresses of the floor flexing since it is not a rigid covering.

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Kitchen Floor Renovation Step 4: Laying the Tile

The time has come to lay the tile.  First I had to find the exact center of the floor.  I won’t go over the details here since you can find instructions for that all over the net.  After I found the center, I had to plan the tile layout so I had a decent amount of tile showing around the perimeter of the room as well as around the cabinets.  The general guideline is that you want at least 4 inches of tile showing around the perimeter of a room.  Anything less and it might look funny or even worse, the tile may not stay stuck down with such a small surface area for adhesion.  It really worked out well for me, but I would say it was 25% planned and about 75% luck that it ended up looking so good.

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Kitchen Floor Renovation Step 3: Underlayment

With the demo and repairs done, I can finally start putting the new floor down.  First is the underlayment.  I used 1/4 inch thick luan which is a pretty standard material for underlayment.  I fastened it with crown staples spaced about 2 inches around the perimeter and 4 inches inside the perimeter.  You will need a lot of crown staples.

Custom cuts had to be made around corners and inside the nooks and crannies around the cabinets.  I made sure the first piece of luan laid down was as square as it could be.  That made the custom cuts a lot easier to do.  Even then, I still had to make little adjustments here and there since the cabinets weren’t very square to the walls.

The luan by itself looks really nice.  It is almost a shame I will be covering it up soon.

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Kitchen Floor Renovation Step 2: Repairs

When I got the underlayment up, I was surprised to find termite damage.  Recent termite damage.  So recent that the termites were still scattering when I got the above picture.  You may be able to see them if you look closely enough.

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Kitchen Floor Renovation Step 1: Demolition

Since we got our new stove and fridge, Shara and I decided to finally get rid of our hideous laminate flooring as well. We decided on a luxury vinyl tile that can be grouted. It has all the convenience and comfort of vinyl with all the looks of ceramic tile (or in our case, slate tile). I figure I will cover the renovation step by step so my experience can serve anyone out there wanting to do the same thing.
This luxury tile is still relatively new to the home improvement market. I had a heck of a time finding any good instructions for laying the tile. Anytime I googled “Luxury vinyl tile” I would get a bunch of results about laying conventional vinyl tile. When I would google “Groutable vinyl tile” I would get instructions how to lay ceramic tile. So I took both sets of instructions, combined them and came up with my procedure for laying this groutable vinyl tile.
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Long Time No See

Well, life has gotten quite busy since the baby was born.  This blog seemed to suffer for it.  I have done many, many projects in the meantime, and I have documented most of them.  I will eventually get them up here, so bear with me.


Whitney’s 8th birthday party

Whitney had her birthday party yesterday and it was quite successful. She had a handful of friends and family over and they all played games and had fun. I won’t describe too much, but I will let the videos do the talking. Feel free to click on the videos to take you to YouTube if you want to see them in higher quality. WordPress only allows the videos to be 1 size:

The kids playing “Dead Man”

The kids playing a balloon game

The Kids playing balloon tag 

Singing Happy Birthday

Opening the gifts